Trick Or Treat from R2-D2 & a Very Little Red Riding Hood

IMG_5287 IMG_5297 IMG_5246 We found this cute little cupcake, Alice in her prize winning costume (2 years running Wicker Park Boo Fest)! She was so sweet I could just eat her up!IMG_5320The kids practiced ringing our own door bell and shouting “Trick or Treat” for their post photo bribery of goody bags from grandparents, aunts and uncles. IMG_5265 IMG_5303 IMG_5311He’s not the woodcutter in the fairy tale but he certainly is this Very Little Red Riding Hood’s hero.IMG_5275H

Tiny Dancer

IMG_45712 year old ballet is kind of a joke. But it is certainly the most adorable excuse for dress up ballerinas. Nora’s ballet teacher is very sweet and graceful and the little girls are so uncoordinated and funny but it she does seem to love it. IMG_4590 IMG_4596Baby ballet shoes. Heartwarming. IMG_4604IMG_4611

Camping Out

IMG_3728A little camp out a few weeks back at the woods on the Marrs farm. It turned out to be a pretty nice night despite threats of rain! IMG_3687 IMG_3720Henry’s buddy, Nathan, and his dad joined us. He’s such a sweet boy and they had so much fun. Caught a lot of toads too. IMG_3711 IMG_3771Roasted some hot dogs. IMG_3745Lots of little adventuring, tent building, exploring and just silly kids.IMG_3645

Last Beach Day of Summer

IMG_4305The Newlyweds! We went to visit the Munin Family’s beachfront home in Michigan City recently and although it was cold we had a lot of fun playing on the beach. IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4341 IMG_4352It was hard to keep the kids out of the water. They didn’t seem to care that it was a little to chilly for swimming… until they got really wet in the little pools of water on the beach. Not a bad problem to have, really. IMG_4360

Cake Reveal (For the Kids)

Not long ago Henry and Nora helped to decorate this cake that was pre-frosted with white frosting. They were pretty excited when we told them it was all for them. But then we explained that the color inside of the cake would indicate if the new baby on the way would be: pink for a girl or blue for a boy!

As you can see they are very excited to be welcoming a baby sister in December of this year!