These Three…

IMG_6742.JPGJust melt my heart so completely. It is wonderful to see how much they love their new sister. Henry is so gentle and careful with how he holds her. Nora is, admittedly, less careful but always loving on Amelia, smothering her with kisses, and sweetly talking to her “itty bitty new baby.”

Some GREAT Great-Grandparents


It is so special that Henry, Nora, and now also Amelia get to share memories with their truly amazing Great-Grandparents. They are wonderful people who I am so thankful our kids have in their lives. They love to hear stories from their lives… Nora especially has started asking everyone “tell me a story about when you were little” after being thrilled by stories about her Grandpa Jim at a young age with his many animals, Great-Grandma Bobbie’s childhood adventures on the farm with her horses, and stories that Grandma Callie tells about her own childhood with Great-Grandpa Bill and Great-Grandma Sara. IMG_6275

We Love the Liebgotts

IMG_6526We’re so happy for John and Lisa to visit and hope to see more of them now that John is on the Mount Prospect Fire Department so close to our area. One morning after the rush of the holidays they came by to visit after his shift ended to play with the kids and meet Amelia. We had so much fun! IMG_6516IMG_6507.JPG

A Special Visit

IMG_5534IMG_5540Not long before little Amelia Rose graced us with her presence last week  we enjoyed a visit from Santa. He visits our neighborhood each year at the beginning of December and this ear both Henry and Nora were thrilled to see him!IMG_5555

Welcome Amelia Rose

Almost right on time, Amelia Rose Marrs was born on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 9:48 a.m.  She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and measured 20.5 inches long. Henry and Nora are such proud big siblings. They visited every day that we were in the hospital and have gotten quite good at holding their little sister and helping care for her. Thankfully, she is getting settled in well at home and learning to go with their crazy games and races around the house. We’ve had lots of help from our family to make things go so smoothly so far. Lots to be thankful for this holiday season!

IMG_5686IMG_5646IMG_5729IMG_5771 - CopyIMG_5710IMG_5737 - CopyIMG_5806IMG_5715IMG_5931IMG_5813

Christmas Tree Time

IMG_5367It was a little muddy but a good wintry day to go and find the perfect Marrs Family Christmas Tree. Our horses were called “Jack” and “Frost” and Nora loved them so much we now have named our toy horses at home after them. IMG_5373Henry will make an excellent lumberjack someday. He excels at yelling “Timber” and posing with a saw, resulting in us looking like the fantastic parents who would let him carry around such a semi dangerous tool.IMG_5381Don’t worry people, we won’t let him use the saw yet. Daddy cut it down pretty quick.IMG_5400Grandpa and Grandma found a great tree too!IMG_5408