Magic Kingdom

DSCN2132 They were so excited!DSCN2134 Florida Trip 013 Florida Trip 017We had a beautiful, perfect, crazy day. So thankful to Grandma and Grandpa for their willingness to join us on an adventure that I hope our kids will always remember! Florida Trip 019Dumbo was Nora’s favorite. Henry, of course, loved Buzz, for me it was It’s a Small World. I had never realized how gorgeous that ride was. No wonder it is still such a great attraction! I think Greg’s favorite was those race cars.DSCN2241

I Guess This Happened

IMG_1713She wanted her baby doll, Trudi, to ride the dinosaur. She now calls it “Monster” and it did live for a while in a toy bin forgotten. Until today. I guess there are girls who play dolls and girls who play dolls riding dinosaurs.  IMG_1717 But Nora was so frustrated that Trudi (Doll Manufacture Given Name) would not stay on the dinosaur. I was busy doing something and found myself kneeling before this nearly two-year-old as she explained in a variety of ways what she wanted to do. Rubber bands to the rescue. “Doll sea belts” I told her.IMG_1721Then she wanted Josephine to get to ride too. (Name Given By Henry).

By the Sea Shore

IMG_0184We gathered quite a collection of shells during our days at the beach. Henry and Nora were both very helpful in finding many sea treasures. IMG_0173 IMG_0192 And we enjoyed many sunsets. IMG_0220 IMG_0242Nora and Henry were so busy running in the waves that Nora took a tumble and soaked her dress not more than a moment after this photo. Luckily she was happy to run around sans dress until the last of the sun slipped away and we had to drag them home for bed. Henry didn’t want to be left out so he tossed his shirt away as well. I love these two so much and how sweetly they care for each other. IMG_0261