Happy Birthday Henry!

IMG_1427Henry Peter, today you are FOUR! Every day for the past week you have walked into our  bedroom to wake us up to ask if you were “four today?” This is the first birthday that you have so eagerly anticipated and I hope that we can show you just how special you are to our family today. You are our little family leader whose imagination and fun loving play inspires most all of our games! We love watching you learn so much about the world and your search for all kinds of information about how things work: science experiments, weather, insects, robots, diggers and the human body! IMG_1340We’ve loved watching you take on more activities this year, swimming and soccer, tennis and T-Ball! You love to try new things and meet new “coaches” and friends. IMG_1341Nora is your biggest fan, always cheering you on with a “Yay boy!” IMG_1346 IMG_1352Running the basesIMG_1466We hope your birthday is as sweet as you are!

Happy Shower!


So excited to shower these two and celebrate their upcoming wedding. Our Aunt Nancy hosted a truly lovely vintage kitchen inspired shower with some really inspirational new uses for old kitchen finds she collected from thrift stores and the like. IMG_1208 IMG_1226 IMG_1211Little helper with the gifts discovered for the first time the joys of bubble wrap. IMG_1228IMG_1232

Now where can I get my hands on a cool old ironing board like that! IMG_1216 While it threatened rain all through the shower the sun did peak out and we all were able to enjoy their beautiful back yard. Here are all of the ladies from the Saas side of the family. Four gen pic. Truly beautiful women! IMG_1272 IMG_1283 Sarah’s Godmother and our Aunt Maria & cousin MacKenzie. Comeon Nora… cooperate! IMG_1300All of the girls from High School and College. Don’t know what I am doing in this picture… how did I get so old!IMG_1295IMG_1268The following weekend we avoided the rain showers to celebrate Brian & Sarah again hosted by his Mother, Sue, and sister, Amy! Sarah’s so lucky to have such wonderful future in-law, although as they say, she’s been a part of the Munin family for a while now (so sweet)!IMG_1504 IMG_1511 IMG_1506

Happy Birthday Nora!

IMG_1169 Eleanor Caroline today you are two! We are so thrilled to celebrate your birthday and all of the joy you bring to our family. You are such a free spirited, funny, loving little girl. Give the best hugs and kisses. Always remembering to say “hello” to every person we meet each day and with such good manners, even says “God bless you, mommy” when I sneeze. You fill our days with sunshine. Cannot believe how fast two years have gone by! IMG_1164 I don’t know if the terrible twos are just around the corner… just look at that face! No matter what you are our “little sweetheart” as Henry calls you (when he’s feeling generous). IMG_1189

Soccer Antics

IMG_0914 Been having a blast at soccer practice lately. Henry loves Coach Eric. It amazes me all of the fun games they come up with to get the kids doing drills. They are adorable. IMG_0901While the big kids were busy huddled up for some soccer instruction someone decided to make a quick getaway with all of the soccer balls.  IMG_0912Too bad you can’t start until you are three ball bandit.  IMG_0905She loves to cheer for Henry and the highlight of her practice is when the big kids get a water break and Nora gets to hand Henry his water bottle.  IMG_0930

We Planted A Garden

IMG_0932Picked up some little plants at the neighborhood plant sale.IMG_0940A quiet moment for planning and love before the digging in and getting dirty. Found oh SO many worms and centipedes. The kids are fantastic diggers but not too careful where they step. They keep stomping on the plants!

IMG_0961Let’s hope that these two have green thumbs.