First Day Of School

IMG_3587Henry began his year of four-year-old preschool today. Everyone was so excited this morning. He did such a great job getting ready and starting his day. Drop off was great and his teachers seem so wonderful. New year, new teachers, new routines, new friends… so much to look forward to!IMG_3597 IMG_3555Nora will begin two-year-old jr. preschool on Friday. She was so proud to get her very own backpack this year and meet her teacher last week. Fingers crossed that we won’t have any separation issues. I know she will love it… and most likely will end up begging to go every day instead of Fridays only. IMG_3603 IMG_3566

Back in February

IMG_9969This little lady and I joined my sister, Sarah and Dee Dee on the quest for the perfect dress for Sarah’s Wedding. It seems like only a few weeks ago and yet so long ago… (I mean just look at how much more hair Nora has). But mostly I just cannot believe that this Saturday we will get to see Sarah, looking lovely in a completely stunning dress, as she gets married to her best friend!

Fun on the Lake

IMG_2387We enjoyed another BEAUTIFUL vacation at Great Grandparents Sarah & Bill’s lake home in the North Woods. Nora was finally big enough for some tubing but Henry was the one who really got excited about it. He had so much fun yelling his head off with Daddy.  IMG_2298 IMG_2545 IMG_2882All set in his water skis ready to try “like a 4-year-old” which is just sitting in the water getting pulled a bit and hanging on to feel the tug of the boat. Won’t be too long before he’s getting up out of the water and skiing like a pro.  IMG_2584

Summer Love!

IMG_1886 - CopyThis little girl loves her friend Louie! At Dee Dee and Papa’s house they have a baby pool for their dog but he is kind enough to let Nora swim in it whenever she likes.  IMG_1889 IMG_1907She’s just crazy about the water! IMG_1930Henry and Papa are working on special handshake. IMG_1935